Student Involvement Fair

The SGA strongly promotes student involvement and leadership on campus. At the beginning of each fall semester the SGA invites all new students to the annual Student Involvement Fair to meet representatives from more than 80 campus clubs and organizations. Students then have an opportunity to gather information, meet student leaders, and join the clubs and organizations they are most interested in.

Leadership Conference

The SGA Leadership Conference is held each October on campus for members of all SFU clubs and organizations. The conference focuses on providing student leaders with practical leadership skills and insights to improve their clubs and organizations and to enhance the overall capacity for leadership and involvement on campus.

Town Hall

The SGA holds a Town Hall meeting for all members of the undergraduate student body once each semester. The format of the Town Hall meetings provides an opportunity for the SGA to present new developments and initiatives and to address common student concerns with University administration.


The Institute for Leadership Education by Alumni of Distinction (iLead) is a program that invites Saint Francis University alumni back to campus to present to students. The presentations focus on how their experiences and education have impacted their personal and professional lives of service to others.

State of the Student Union

At the start of each new administration, the newly elected Executive Board will address the students to introduce the Officers, Senators, and committee structure. The address will also focus on the goals and priorities of the new administration.

Donut Heaven

During finals week of each semester the SGA hosts three-nights of late-night snacking as students prepare to take final exams. Each night features a specialty food along with dozens of assorted donuts. Donut Heaven is the perfect escape from late-night cramming sessions.

Student Involvement Awards

Each April the SGA hosts the annual Student Involvement Awards to recognize the many contributions of the campus clubs and organizations. Each club and organization is given an opportunity to recognize those members who have greatly contributed to their success through the year. The SGA then recognizes the Outstanding Organization of the Year and the Club/Organization Advisor of the Year. The Student Involvement Awards also include recognition of other departmental and programmatic awards such as the fraternity and sorority of the year awards, fraternity man and sorority woman of the year awards, the outstanding senior award, and many others including the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award.