Transportation Services

Whether you are in need of a ride to local shopping destinations or local transportation depots, SFU Student Life is happy to help!  We provide regular transportation/shuttle services to the  Walmart in Ebensburg, the local shopping malls in Altoona and Johnstown, the Altoona Transportation Center (for bus service or Amtrak train), the Johnstown/Cambria County Airport, and the Pittsburgh International Airport.  A full listing of this semester's shuttle schedule is posted below.  Not sure how to get to campus?  Try our campus maps and directions!

Be sure to follow SFU Transportation on Twitter for information on alerts, cancellations, and student-to-student ride sharing!

Need Transportation?  We can help...
Students in need of transportation can take advantage of our campus shuttle services by visiting the Center for Student Engagement (located on the upper floor of the JFK Center), call for additional information at 814.472.3005, or email your questions/concerns to StudentLife@francis.eduNOTE: To officially register for transportation services, students MUST complete the paperwork in-person in the office.  NO registrations will be taken via phone or email.
Here's what you need to know...


1. Transportation/shuttle services are available ONLY to full-time, undergraduate SFU students.

2. Registration paper-work is required for ALL transportation requests and MUST be completed in-person AT LEAST 4-business days prior to the scheduled shuttle.

3. The standard rate for scheduled shuttle services is $10 one-way/$20 round-trip for Johnstown/Altoona destinations OR $25 one-way/$50 round-trip for Pittsburgh/State College destinations.  Shuttle service fees are to be paid-in-full upon registration.  A "premium rate" is assessed for any request that falls outside of our scheduled shuttle services (see pricing schedule below).

4. The Center for Student Engagement is NOT responsible for booking/coordinating other travel arrangements such as bus, train, or flights, OR any lodging accommodations.

5. The scheduled shuttle services (provided below) will be the ONLY shuttles provided by Saint Francis University.  For individual requests that fall outside of our schedule, students will be assessed a premium rate (see pricing schedule below).

6.  ALL shuttles are subject to change or cancellation per weather/road conditions and availability of authorized drivers.  The Center for Student Engagement coordinates all transportation services with the Department of University Police and Public Safety and strictly follows their recommendation regarding the release of any shuttles.

NOTE:  All transportation services are contingent upon the availability of university authorized vehicles and drivers.

Transportation Center Standard Service (one-way) Premium Service (one-way)

Altoona Amtrak

$10 $50
Altoona-Blair County Airport $10 $50
Johnstown-Cambria County Airport $10 $50
Pittsburgh International Airport $25 $150
University Park Airport $25 $150
Need Transportation for a non-emergency medical appointment?
The Center for Student Engagement can help you get to most non-emergency medical appointments within the Altoona-Johnstown region (ex. dentist, optometrist, physician, etc.). Request your transportation needs with us immediately after you've scheduled your appointment so that we can arrange a vehicle and driver.  All non-emergency medical appointment transports will use the Standard Service rates.

You can use the listing below to view/download our shuttle schedules for each semester in MS Excel format for easy browsing.

For transportation needs that fall outside of our services, we recommend visiting our Local Info page and scroll down to "Transportation Vendors" to see a listing of available transportation providers in the area.